On The Shelf

The first show devised by Compartment explored artist’s networks and personal relationships and their importance as a professional resource. To reveal some of the mechanisms of this activity Hilary Jack invited the artist contacts she has accumulated over her ten year art career and invited them to take part in a group show; 'On the Shelf', this show was launched at Rogue Artists’ Studios Tenth Anniversary Open Studio weekend on Saturday December 3rd. The images of the work by the participating artists will follow soon on this blog. Above is an installation shot of On the Shelf at Compartment; the show was a great success with hundreds of visitors over the Rogue Open studio weekend. Compartment is embarking on the mammoth task of thoroughly documenting all Eighty artist's work, we will have completed this over the next week or so. Each artist will have an image or two of their work and we hope that the exhibiting artists who visit the site will leave any relevant information in the comments section of each post, with possible links to each artist's website. for more information and to join the mailing list please e-mail; apartmentmanchester@hotmail.co.uk. Below just one of the many highlights of 'On The Shelf' Pavel Buchler's 'Bengali Rose'.


Compartment refers to the curatorial practice of Paul Harfleet and Hilary Jack. This curatorial collaboration began at Apartment; an artist-led project and exhibition space they co-run from Paul Harfleet's sixth floor council flat in central Manchester. At Apartment a wide selection of international artists at various career stages have shown. Apartment supplies an interesting context for the showing of contemporary artwork, Compartment aims to seek out new and exciting locations for the presentation of Artists and their work. On the Shelf, detailed below premiered this new venture. Harfleet and Jack tend to parody the gallery structure within their practice by frequently using brands, logos and a professional aesthetic in what may be considered unusual locations or situations. This use of 'brand' in Harfleet and Jack's collaborative artistic practice is exemplified by Vistor Assistance; an international network of artists that assist cultural visitors in cities across the globe. This project was commsioned by Cornerhouse as part of 'Social Work-four live projects' an exhibition of four collaborators in Manchester who used Cornerhouse as a conceptual base for activty throughout the British Art Show 2006 in Manchester.


The Art

Below is an image of each work from the eighty participating artists; these unselected works are placed on the blog in the order they were recieved; echoing the way we presented the work on the shelf for the show. There are still a couple to do so don't be dissapointed if you're not on we will get there in the end...

Heidi Schaefer

Heidi Schaefer, Featherlight, mixed media.

Leo Fitzmaurice

'Base', Baseball (ball removed) by Leo Fitzmaurice

Felicity Shillingford

Felicity Shillingford, Scroll of Dead trees.

Stephen Maxwell

Stephen Maxwell, 'From Fiammeta's Second Story, oil on canvas.


Cat; 'Random acts of Senseless Beauty', mixed media

Emma Green

Emma Green, Untitled, acrylic on canvas.

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley, a detail from 'Deletia Multiple'.

Jackie Wylie

A detail from Jackie Wylie's 'Knit one Purl One' , computer generated text.

Philip Davenport

A detail from Philip Davenport's 'Imaginary Missing People'.

Jennifer Youell

Jennifer Youell, Untitled (Self Portrait)

Mari Reijnders

Mari Reijnders, Trophy Picture No. 1, Cinderella.

Rachel Tweddell

'The Man Who Saw Only Detail' by Rachel Tweddell, digital print.

John Tiney

John Tiney, The First Tour: Souvenir.

Naomi Kashiwagi

Detail of Naomi Kashiwagi's, 'Bang', text and musical score on paper.

Anne-Marie Kennedy

Anne-Marie Kennedy's 'Shoes Made for Flight', slippers and feathers.

Paul Needham

Gran Canaria postcard by Paul Needham.

Matt Jones

Matt Jones, Untitled objects.

Marie Anne McQuay

Marie Anne McQuay, 'Every Good Wish', polaroid with graphite.

Lisa Penny

Lisa Penny, Frieze

Darren Tolliday

Darren Tolliday, Shouting Football Manager Mug.

Jo Manby

Jo Manby, 'Paula McCarthy Sketches Out of the Box', mixed media

Adela Jones

'Relic' by Adela Jones.

Kevin Linnane

Kevin Linnane, Untitled, shell in box.

Claire Tindale

Claire Tindale, 'Facade', multiple, plaster and pigment.

Louise K Wilson

A still of 'Enactment, on Leaving the Lunar Surface;' a recording was played on the above machine with actors re-enacting the conversations between earth and the moon.

Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown, The Longing Song, taxidermied robin.

Sue Fox

Sue Fox's Untitled photo.

Rosie Miller

'Tell No One' taken from a series of photos by Rosie Miller.

Andrew Bracey

Andrew Bracey's work entitled 'Voice'.

Tim Machin

Tim Machin, untitled green houses, eraser.

Anne Charnock

Anne Charnock, Uncertainty Series, No 1.

Susie MacMurray

'Joined' by Susie MacMurray

John Hamilton

John Hamilton, Apollo

Margaret Cahill

A detail from Margaret Cahill's 'Out of Sight'; oil on canvas.

Jude MacPherson

'I Saw' by Jude MacPherson.

Anthony Hudson

A detail of Anthony Hudson's 3rd 33 Hours and 33 Hours and 20 Minutes of 100 hour Drawing, (verb) 1 of 3 Limited Ed Litho.

Rebecca Sitar

Rebecca Sitar's 'Vanilla Sky'; Acrylic on Canvas.

Catherine Clements

A shot of Catherine Clements Untitled work.

Martin Nash

Martin Nash, 'Walking Table', found material.

Cherry Tenneson

Cherry Tennseon, (untitled) It Helps, ink drawing.

Judith Rothwell

Judith Rothwell, Untitled, stencilled paper.

Kwong Lee

Kwong Lee's 'By Hand No.1, Drawing.'

Chris Hammer

Untitled, mixed media piece by Chris Hammer

Jessica Emmet

'Adopted Name' by Jessica Emmet, etched rose petal

Mathew Brotherhood

An untitled drawing from Mathew Brotherhood.

Magnus Quaife

Magnus Quaife, Henri Mattise, oil on MDF.

Stuart Edmundson

Stuart Edmundson, untitled...(from all the songs I own but not necessarily listended to).

Laurence Lane

Laurence Lane, Bootleg Bruce Nauman N0 3 at Tate Modern, multiple.