Compartment refers to the curatorial practice of Paul Harfleet and Hilary Jack. This curatorial collaboration began at Apartment; an artist-led project and exhibition space they co-run from Paul Harfleet's sixth floor council flat in central Manchester. At Apartment a wide selection of international artists at various career stages have shown. Apartment supplies an interesting context for the showing of contemporary artwork, Compartment aims to seek out new and exciting locations for the presentation of Artists and their work. On the Shelf, detailed below premiered this new venture. Harfleet and Jack tend to parody the gallery structure within their practice by frequently using brands, logos and a professional aesthetic in what may be considered unusual locations or situations. This use of 'brand' in Harfleet and Jack's collaborative artistic practice is exemplified by Vistor Assistance; an international network of artists that assist cultural visitors in cities across the globe. This project was commsioned by Cornerhouse as part of 'Social Work-four live projects' an exhibition of four collaborators in Manchester who used Cornerhouse as a conceptual base for activty throughout the British Art Show 2006 in Manchester.

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